11 of the best singles released by Take That

By | Posted on 18-Dec-2018

11 of the best singles released by Take That

The Band has now closed at Theatre Royal Haymarket. Why not listen to these iconic musical theatre songs instead?

First entering the music scene in 1990, Take That are one of the biggest bands in the world. Releasing their earliest songs as teen heartthrobs, their voices became some of the most recognisable voices in the music industry, the band currently have had 56 number one singles in national and international charts. Take That continue to play to large audiences across the United Kingdom, as well as throughout Europe.

To celebrate The Band arriving in the West End this year, we’ve put together a list of 11 of the best songs by the chart-topping boyband. From some of their earliest hits to current tracks, Take That have stood the test of time as one of the most successful bands ever.

Chart-topping songs by Take That

Rule The World

Released in 2006, “Rule The World” featured as a lead song on Take That’s fourth album Beautiful World, marking their comeback into the music scene. The song went into second position in the UK charts, beaten to the top spot by “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis. This song was performed during the London 2012 opening ceremony and was sold over one million times.


Also featuring on their comeback album, “Patience” managed to make it to the all-elusive number one spot on the charts, where it stayed for four weeks. Regarded as one of the greatest ever “comeback songs” for a band, Patience is an easy listening track which introduced new audiences to the older 1990s sounds.

Relight My Fire

First performed by Dan Hartman in 1979, the boyband’s cover version topped the charts on both sides of the pond in 1993. One of Take That’s early successes, “Relight My Fire” is an upbeat number that also features Lulu, who recently performed in 42nd Street as Dorothy Brock. The song went on to sell over 350,000 copies.

The Flood

Getting to number 2 in the UK music charts in 2010, “The Flood” was the lead single from their album Progress, released in the same year. The first song to feature Robbie Williams since his departure from the band in 1995, “The Flood” went on to become a modern-day anthem for the boys. Played millions of times around the world, the song charted in over 20 countries from Portugal to South Korea.

Could It Be Magic

Originally a Barry Manilow song from 1973 and later covered by Donna Summer in 1976, “Could It Be Magic” was later released as a cover version by Take That in 1992. The cover featured on the band’s first album Take That & Party which tried to combine 90s disco sounds with the essence of feel-good pop. Robbie Williams led the vocals while the other four band members provided the backing.

Greatest Day

A crowd-pleasing song from the band’s 2008 album The Circus, “Greatest Day” made it to number one in the UK music charts. According to band member Gary Barlow, the song only took under four hours to be written, however it has gone on to become one of the band’s greatest hits.

It Only Takes a Minute

First released by Dutch group Tavares in 1975, “It Only Takes a Minute” was covered on the 1992 album Take That & Party. Released on 1st June 1992, the song only charted at number seven in British charts. However, they still had global success with the track, as the song charted across the world from Canada to Japan. The music video features the band members singing inside a boxing ring.


The band’s tenth number one single, “Shine” was the second song to be released as a single from their 2006 album Beautiful World. Discussing Robbie William’s battle with depression throughout the track, the song won best song of the year at the 2008 Brit Awards against “Valerie” by Mark Ronson and “Grace Kelly” by Mika.

A Million Love Songs

A heartfelt love song from Take That’s first album, “A Million Love Songs” had audiences swooning all over the country for the boys. Released as a single in October 1992, the song made its way to number seven in the UK charts, yet it has been given the unofficial accolade as the greatest pop ballad of all time. Since this version, the song has been covered by Scouting for Girls and Alexander Neal.

Back For Good

Saving two of their biggest hits for the end, “Back For Good” is one of the band’s biggest commercial hits. Released on 27th March 1995, the song managed to take the top spots in 13 charts around the world. With this record, Take That became the most successful British boyband in US charts during the 1990s, as well as the band winning the 1996 Brit Award for best new song of the year. Since release, the song has featured in numerous television shows and films, with covers performed by Boyz II Men and Coldplay.

Never Forget

Arguably one of the most known songs by the band, “Never Forget” was released on 24th July 1995, taking the top spot in British music charts before it was beaten by “Country House” by Blur. Throughout the music video, audiences can get an insight into the lives of each member, as well as candid clips from rehearsals and on tour. This record marked the last song to be promoted while Robbie Williams was in the band before he left in July 1995.