5 reasons why every Disney fan should go to Sounds and Sorcery

By | Posted on 18-Sep-2018

5 reasons why every Disney fan should go to Sounds and Sorcery

Sounds and Sorcery has now closed at the Vaults. Why not read about productions taking place at The Vaults with our guide to venues away from the West End?

Released in 1940, Fantasia ushered in the start of the Disney magic and is in the American Film Institute’s list of Top 100 films. While rewatching this classic film is great, you can now experience the magic of the film live right before your eyes. Step into your very own Fantasia adventure at Sounds and Sorcery at the Vaults, underneath Waterloo train station. It’s a magical experience that has to be seen to be truly believed, so don’t miss your chance to grab one of this summer’s hottest tickets before it closes.

Sounds and Sorcery

Sounds and Sorcery

Each room has been carefully designed

Get your cameras at the ready, because the backdrops at Sounds and Sorcery are sure to make all your Instagram followers a little bit jealous. Each room has been meticulously crafted, inspired by the different iconic scenes of the movie. From glowing volcanoes to ice rinks and colourful flowers, the designs are perfectly designed to put you in touch with your surroundings. With these theatrical installations unfolding before your eyes, Sounds and Sorcery has something different behind every corner, but each room has a little bit of Fantasia sparkle.

Incredible binaural sound

Control your own experience and surround yourself in the dreamlike atmosphere at Sounds and Sorcery. Upon arrival, you’ll be given a set of headphones alongside a wireless device to listen to the music of the show. As you wander around the rooms, the score will automatically change depending on the setting of the room you are in. Whether it’s the soft tones of the Nutcracker or rumbles of an erupting volcano, channel yourself into your newly-found surroundings and let the binaural 360° sound bring the fantasy into your own reality.

The beautiful score

With the classic score specially re-recorded by the City of Prague Philarmonic Orchestra specifically for the immersive experience, it’s well worth exploring Sounds and Sorcery to hear the orchestra’s performances. Explore the depths of the Vaults while listening to classical music such as Bach’s ‘Toccata and Fugue in D Minor’ and Duka’s ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’. Let the music guide you as you personalise your own experiences and soak up the Fantasia atmosphere while escaping the frantic London life.

Curated art gallery

Nestled into each exhibit at Sounds and Sorcery, there are hidden gems which will really get you recreating those famous steps Mickey Mouse took in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice! But keep exploring so you don’t miss out on any small detail! With light shows and 3D projections all around you, this theatrical experience is sure to take you on an emotional rollercoaster. With each tunnel leading the path to even more adventures, you really can step into the fictional world of Fantasia and live your cartoon dreams!

Live performances

Head towards the bar at Sounds and Sorcery, and audiences can take in the live performance inspired by the film at the bar. With performances of ‘Dance of the Hours’, enjoy a bespoke cocktail from the bar as you take in the show, featuring acrobatics, silks and some slapstick comedy. Director Daisy Evans wanted Sounds and Sorcery to be an assault on all the senses (in a good way), captivating you into your new surroundings! An atmosphere that’s constantly buzzing and evolving, the live performances top off an experience that is sure to have you wishing you could cast your own magic spells!