7 of the best themed bars and restaurants in London

By | Posted on 31-Dec-2018

7 of the best themed bars and restaurants in London

Looking to find the perfect place to relax in London? You’ve come to the right place with our guide, as we guide you through the best bars and restaurants to enjoy an evening out in the capital city. With themed venues finding inspiration from cultures around the world, you can step into all corners of the globe with these locations.

Bars and restaurants in London

The Aviary Bar

Chandeliers hang from the ceiling in this quirky underground bar that’s perfect for all social events. Whether you’re looking to go out with a couple of friends or in a large group, there’s plenty to entertain you at this bar. With birds and butterflies on the wall, as well as a fancy dress hire available on site, the bar offers a range of cocktails, drinks and food from midday to 4am, so you really can spend the day at an aviary-inspired location in the heart of central London!


Take a visit to North Africa in the capital city at Souk, providing an authentic Moroccan bazaar in Europe! Upon entering Souk, you’ll enter a world with exotic fabrics laid on the walls and tables, as well as menus offering a selection of African cuisine and drink. Perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in a new culture, Souk is also located to many theatres including the Prince Edward Theatre and the Cambridge Theatre, so it’s the perfect place to start a night of unforgettable experiences.


A visit to a circus isn’t complete without a circus-inspired bar. Offering cocktails in a modern British kitchen, the Trapeze bar is sure to bring a party feel to any evening out in London. Over three floors, you’ll be able to explore the very best in British house and disco music, while enjoying a night that’s combining the thrill of a nightclub with a big top!

The Schoolhouse

Go back to the days of packed lunches and lining up with a visit to The Schoolhouse. In a warm and relaxed setting, you’ll be able to tuck into the finest pub food while throwing it back to your school days. Nobody’s too cool for school to go to The Schoolhouse, serving up an adult environment mixed with childhood nostalgia, but you won’t need to wear your school uniform here.

The Escapologist

Legend has it that Baron Von Took fled to London with a wish of creating a brew house in the city. At the turn of the twentieth century, Von Took was able to fulfil his wish and The Escapologist was born. Combining Victorian styling with refreshed recipes on classic cocktails, The Escapologist is a fun bar that is sure to entice anyone. Hailed as a “modern day Victorian men’s club” and “part Masonic lodge”, it’s an exciting, interactive club serving high quality pizza and drinks in a unique location.

Ballie Ballerson

As the only ball pit bar in London, Ballie Ballerson stands out from amongst all other bars and restaurants. With one million balls in the ball pit, you’ll be able to enjoy a drink whilst reliving your youth and throwing balls in the air. Music pumps through the speakers to create an interactive party atmosphere where you’ll be able to throw caution to the wind and party like it’s 1999!

The Cauldron Magical Cocktail Experience

Pour your own cocktails at The Cauldron, offering a magic-fuelled, alcoholic experience that is sure to stun you. Upon entering the pop-up experience, you’ll be able to fill your glass with cocktails of your desire, combining technology, science and designs into a state-of-the-art bar where anything goes. You may have tried new cocktails before, but you’ll have never been to a cocktail bar like this.

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