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Where to be a big kid in London


Where to be a big kid in London

Use your loose change and break the piggy bank with a trip to these attractions. Grab your school friends, colleagues or family members and take a step back into days gone by with these must-visit places.  If it’s reliving your childhood pastimes or partying like it’s 1999 once more, get down with the kids at these attractions and you’ll be wishing you could be a kid for more than one day.

Where to be the coolest kid in London

Big the Musical

Put down your coffee cup and head to Big the Musical, which will receive its West End premiere at the Dominion Theatre later this year. Based on the 1980s movie starring Tom Hanks, the musical follows Josh Baskin, a 12 year old boy whos uddenly wakes up with the body of a 30 year old after his carnival wish is granted. Jay McGuiness leads the cast as Baskin in this West End production, playing for just nine weeks.

Belowzero Ice Bar


Arctic temperatures ensure the Ice Bar is kept freezing all year round, serving signature ice cocktails at -5°C. The UK’s only permanent ice bar, enjoy a sophisticated drink or two in an alternative icy London, where there’s a whole new meaning to playing in the snow.


Explore London in a unique way with a Foxtrail, where you’ll be able to rediscover the city in an interactive, exciting quest. Gain insight into the lives of previous generations who trod the paths you’ll walk along, with clues to decipher along the way. Breathe life of one of the world’s favourite cities in a brand new fashion.

The Arcelormittal Orbit

The Slide

Standing at over 100 metres high, see London from a dizzying height at The Arcelormittal Orbit at the Queen Elizabeth Park. Offering sightlines of up to 20 miles away, kids and adults will be able to take in London like never before. But, once you’re at the top of The Arcelormittal Orbit, you’ll have to come down. Feel the excitement of whizzing down a slide once again, at The Slide and reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour in the newest rollercoaster experience in the city. While it’s only 40 seconds long, the slide is one of London’s most exhilarating thrills which will leave you screaming with delight and wanting to go again and again.

ZSL London Zoo

ZSL London Zoo

Fun for all ages, get up close to the animals at ZSL London Zoo. Once inside, you’ll be able to explore a wide range of animal habitats from London’s living rainforest, to the lions and tigers normally found in African deserts. Sit in awe at the live shows taking place throughout the day where creatures from around the world display their talents in a highly professional show that will leave you oohing and aahing, as well as howling with laughter like a hyena.

For those who love seeing animals come to life in The Lion KingZSL London Zoo is an excellent addition to any day out that will have you jumping around the 34-acre zoo.

Warner Brothers Studio Tour

Harry Potter

You saw the wizarding world of Harry Potter come alive as a child, now step inside the land of Hogwarts with a visit to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. Upon entering the Great Hall, you’ll be thrown into the magic, with costumes, models, drawings and props all around the studio tour in an unparalleled Potter world. Perfect for all franchise lovers and those who want to learn more, this studio tour is an insight into one of the most significant parts of 21st-century British culture. Be a mischevious kid and sip a mug of butterbeer or trick your friends and family into a fiendish every flavour bean. With return transportation from Kings Cross St Pancras, the only thing you’ll need to say on the journey is “are we nearly there yet?”

The Crystal Maze Live Experience

Crystal Maze Kid

Bring your friends and relive those 90s childhood nights around the television and take on the dome at The Crystal Maze Live Experience, coming to the West End in 2019. Guided by a maze master, you’ll be able to try your hand at challenges in the four zones: Aztec, Industrial, Futuristic and Medieval to earn crystals along the way. Once you’ve been in the four zones, you’ll be allowed to step inside the dome and catch tokens to try and beat the Crystal Maze. The Crystal Maze Live Experience is an interactive, immersive attraction like no other as you jump for joy at beating the dome!