Dear Evan Hansen review: Broadway hit takes London by storm

By | Posted on 28-Jan-2020

Dear Evan Hansen review: Broadway hit takes London by storm

Today’s gonna be a good day, and here’s why… as DEAR EVAN HANSEN has landed in the West End.

In a world where the presence of social media can be simply overwhelming, DEAR EVAN HANSEN asks what happens when lines between reality and the online world are blurred for the whole world to judge. If you’re looking for a contemporary musical with a giant heart and an uplifting message that speaks to all generations, then DEAR EVAN HANSEN is the show for you.

Dear Evan Hansen

At the start, audiences meet Evan, a shy teenager whose aloof personality sees him on the outside of every situation. He’s one of just eight people in the cast, making this an intimate musical like no other, where every moment is simply unmissable. The intimacy is helped too by the band being seen on stage at all times, connecting the dots between the music, conversations, songs and events taking place to show the inner thoughts in Evan’s inquisitive, worried mind.

But, it’s not just his mind that’s struggling to cope, it’s his body too. As the consequences of a letter spiral out of control, he falls out of touch with his mother, Heidi, feeling ‘at home’ with the Murphy family, especially when he’s near the Murphy’s daughter, Zoe. Dealing with pressures from family and friends under the tragic circumstances, he’s eventually pushed to a breaking point and as he connects with the world to speak his mind, there’s not a dry eye in the house.

Even though the musical focuses on topics including depression and anxiety, the way in which families and friends rally around one another to offer support and guidance whenever it’s needed makes DEAR EVAN HANSEN one of the most uplifting musicals around. And with conversations like the ones started in DEAR EVAN HANSEN taking pride of place in the West End, it’s only going to encourage more communities to come together and connect in a time where anyone can all feel alone.

The show’s message is a simple one; help others find themselves and you will find yourself too. However, it’s never been more relevant than today, making this a West End musical that you need to experience.

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