What did critics think of the West End premiere of Dear Evan Hansen?

By | Posted on 20-Nov-2019

What did critics think of the West End premiere of Dear Evan Hansen?

After Broadway critics hailed DEAR EVAN HANSEN as “one of the most remarkable shows in musical theatre history”, the multi-award-winning musical made its official opening at the Noël Coward Theatre on 19th November 2019. Telling the story of an awkward, socially-isolated teenager who longs to fit in, DEAR EVAN HANSEN is an uplifting musical that’s full of hope, as well as being deeply personal. With a contemporary soundtrack by The Greatest Showman and La La Land songwriters Benj Pasek & Justin Paul, the West End is now a second home for this profound musical. Read what theatre critics had to say about DEAR EVAN HANSEN at the Noël Coward Theatre and book your tickets now!


“Benj Pasek and Justin Paul’s beautiful score may be a little ballad-heavy, but has integrity and depth that matches the story they have to tell. DEAR EVAN HANSEN will reach a big audience, and its impact will resonate, hopefully far beyond the theatre’s walls.”
Mark Shenton

DEAR EVAN HANSEN shows, with chutzpah and remorseless logic, how the story is impacted by the internet – how Evan’s fictional connection with Connor can transform him into a viral sensation when his eulogy (the tears spurting from secret self-hatred) goes online.”
Paul Taylor
The Independent

“Everything, in fact, is expertly done but, if I didn’t totally surrender to the show, it is because it lacks the courage to admit that high anxiety is not so easily cured.”
Michael Billington
The Guardian

“Benj Pasek and Justin Paul have fashioned a set of sophisticated and cathartic numbers. And although the ending feels slightly sentimental, Steven Levenson’s book is still a courageous and often witty attempt to make sense of adolescent trauma.”

Clive Davis
The Times

“Broadway phenomenon DEAR EVAN HANSEN channels the dark, churning adolescent angst of shows like Heathers and Spring Awakening, but brings it up to date. It takes that angst seriously, asking questions about mental health, about connection and isolation among teenagers today. If you’re the one waving through a window, it’s DEAR EVAN HANSEN that’s waving back.”
Tim Bano
The Stage

Our review of Dear Evan Hansen

“In a world where the presence of social media can be simply overwhelming, DEAR EVAN HANSEN asks what happens when lines between reality and the online world are blurred for the whole world to judge. If you’re looking for a contemporary musical with a giant heart and an uplifting message that speaks to all generations, then DEAR EVAN HANSEN is the show for you.” Read our full review of DEAR EVAN HANSEN here.