Why you need to see Emilia Clarke in The Seagull at the Playhouse Theatre

By | Posted on 07-Jan-2020

Why you need to see Emilia Clarke in The Seagull at the Playhouse Theatre

As part of Jamie Lloyd’s season at the Playhouse Theatre, Emilia Clarke will make her West End debut as as Nina in a modern adaptation of The Seagull.

Everything about Emilia Clarke in The Seagull

What happens in The Seagull?

‘We need the theatre, couldn’t, couldn’t do without it. Could we?’

The Seagull

A one-line excerpt from The Seagull summarising the lives of those who are looking for fame, pursuing their hopes and dreams at all costs. In an isolated home in the countryside, audiences meet four individuals: Konstantin, Irina, Nina and Boris as they strive for success. With a young woman desperate for fame, a young man pursuing the true love and an actress and writer determined to achieve, they all come to their own conclusions that their success relies on them turning in on each other. In a story of ambition, love and loneliness, Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull see personal and professional feuds against one another, as protagonists reason their conflicts in the hope of a better future.

Who wrote The Seagull?

The Seagull was written by Anton Chekhov in the late nineteenth century, with the Russian play considered to be one of the dramatic greats from 1898, thanks to the Moscow Art Theatre’s production which was directed by Konstantin Stanislavski.

The Seagull is considered to be one of Chekhov’s four most famous works, in a quartet that includes The Cherry Orchard, Three Sisters and Uncle Vanya.

Anya Reiss’ adaptation of The Seagull

Beginning her writing career in 2010, Anya Reiss has adapted a number of famous plays, including Three Sisters, Uncle Vanya and Oliver Twist. In 2012, her adaptation of The Seagull was staged at Southwark Playhouse, directed by Russell Bolam and starring Lily James as Nina.

In a review for The Guardian by Lyn Gardner, she states that “Chekhov’s tragicomedy transposed to the Isle of Man in the 21st century sounds like a Seagull that should get stuffed – but in fact it soars in this spritely new version”. This sentiment was shared in Paul Taylor’s review for The Independent, saying that the play is now “pulled into the 21st century by award-laden wunderkind Anya Reiss in this spare and cleverly cast thrust-stage production”.

Who will star in The Seagull?

Emilia Clarke in The Seagull

Best known for her award-winning performance as the commonly known ‘Mother of Dragons’ Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke will make her West End debut in The Seagull. She’ll play Nina in Anya Reiss’ adaptation, however The Seagull doesn’t mark her professional stage debut, as she’s previously played Holly Golightly in a Broadway revival of Breakfast at Tiffanys.

If you’ve not seen Clarke in Game of Thrones, you may recognise her from blockbusters including the 2019 film Last Christmas and the 2016 film adaptation of Me Before You, based on the Jojo Moyes novel.

Who will perform alongside Emilia Clarke in The Seagull?

The Seagull

The Seagull‘s complete cast will star  Danny Ashok (as Medvedenko), Robert Glenister (as Sorin), Tom Rhys Harries (as Trigorin), Daniel Monks (as Konstantin), Tamzin Outhwaite (as Polina), Patrick Robinson (as Dorn), Seun Shote (as Shamrayev), Indira Varma (as Arkadina), and Sophie Wu (as Masha).

Who is Jamie Lloyd?

Considered to be “redefining theatre” by the Evening Standard, Jamie Lloyd is a British director, who has previously directed works including The Commitments, Doctor Faustus and The Maids. He’s an Olivier Award-winning director, winning the 2008 award for outstanding achievement in an affiliate theatre for Pride at the Royal Court. In 2010, Lloyd’s revival of Passion at the Donmar Warehouse won the Evening Standard Award for best musical.

In 2018, Jamie Lloyd was the figurehead behind the Pinter at the Pinter season, celebrating the works of Harold Pinter at the West End theatre named after him.

As well as Emilia Clarke in The Seagull, audiences can also see Jessica Chastain star in an adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. Read more about shows directed by Jamie Lloyd here.