The best ways to get your theatre fix while you’re at home

By | Posted on 03-Nov-2020

The best ways to get your theatre fix while you’re at home

Even though theatres around the world have turned off the lights and dropped their final curtain, there’s still plenty of ways to get your theatre fix while you’re staying indoors. Whether you’re a budding performer taking the time to improve and finesse their performing skills, or you’re looking for fun and engaging theatrical activities, we’ve rounded up our favourite theatrical ways to stay entertained, even if you can’t go to the theatre.

Get your theatre fix at home

Go behind the scenes of a Disney show

From the wilderness in The Lion King to the practically perfect Mary Poppins, discover the magic of Disney musicals in the West End. There’s plenty of activities for young children to get involved with, from exploring the “Circle of Life”, designing your very own Agrabah with a set and costume masterclass or going backstage with creative teams. There’s lots of activities here, so get ready to be wowed by Disney musicals in the comfort of your own home.

Memorise a monologue in full

From timeless speeches said in William Shakespeare plays to the memorable moments in contemporary plays, now’s a great time to finally learn that monologue you’ve always wanted to perfect. There’s no one way to remember all the words in a monologue, but we recommend breaking down a lengthy speech into sizeable chunks so you can master a small section each day. In no time at all, you’ll be able to recite a monologue and impress your friends and family with the brand new monologue you’ve memorised. If you’re not sure which monologue to learn or you’re wanting to learn many speeches at one time, take a monologue from these plays by esteemed playwrights.

Read the books that inspired stage shows

theatre fix

Are you a Wicked whizz? A huge Hamilton fan? Why not read the books that influenced the stage adaptations of some of the West End’s greatest shows. From Gaston Leroux’s twentieth-century novel that inspired Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera to the French revolutionaries that stormed the barricades in eighteenth-century France in Les Miserables, discover more behind your favourite West End shows and curl up with a book. There’s plenty of West End shows based on books, including these family-friendly favourites.

Find a new audition song

Bored of listening to the same songs over and over? If you’re prepping for an audition or you’re imagining your name up in lights, take the time to practice that audition song that’ll make you stand out. Master these chart-topping hits including “When You Believe” from The Prince of Egypt and “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” in Evita and work out whether you’re suited to songs for a soprano, alto, tenor or bass with our handy guide to all the different voice types. Just don’t annoy your neighbours by singing too loud…

Face the music with instruments

While you’re stuck indoors, take the time to either progress on or master a new skill and see the improvements straight away.  There’s lots of West End shows including Come From Away that feature actor-musicians, or rely heavily on musicians in the show, so with this additional skill, you’ll be able to star in even more shows. We recommend learning how to read music, or picking up a new musical instrument such as the keyboard or ukulele for the first time, meaning you can provide your own musical accompaniment while you’re singing your favourite song. Will you become the next Stephen Sondheim or Lin-Manuel Miranda?

Get your heart pumping with inspirational songs

Going for a lunchtime stroll or an evening walk? Get off your phone while outside and listen to the motivational music that’s been inspiring us to get off our sofas. If we’ve missed your top musical picks, why not create a playlist and share it with your family and friends so you can all listen to the same songs at the same time, meaning you’re never apart.

Master the dance moves

Mary Poppins

It’s never been more important to get some fresh air, especially when you’ve been cooped up for a few days. So, while you’re outside, let off some steam and bust a move with the famed dance routines in West End musicals. Imagine you’re one of the chimney sweeps in Mary Poppins and dance to “Step in Time” or dream that you’re on a tropical Greek island and sway to your favourite ABBA hits in Mamma MiaOnce you’ve perfected a few routines, you’ll be exercising and improving your dance moves at the same time.

Take a virtual walk through London

Even if you can’t visit London for a few weeks, you can still walk around the capital’s South Bank. Thanks to South Bank From Home, head to their website where you’ll be able to enjoy a virtual stroll by the River Thames. Visit the Royal Festival Hall, the Old Vic, the National Theatre and get up close to some of London’s world-famous attractions including the London Eye in the sunshine.

Bake a recipe that features in a show

Get into the kitchen and use up any ingredients you’ve got to bake a recipe that’s inspired by one of your favourite shows. Devour a decadent chocolate cake that Matilda‘s Bruce Bogtrotter would want to eat, or make sweet and savoury pies with a lattice top and delicious fillings to rival Jenna Hunterson’s home bakes in Waitress.

Watch recorded performances from the West End and Broadway

Wishing that you could get away from the real world and travel somewhere far away? Imagine you’re in a West End theatre or a Broadway venue and watch free streams of brand new plays and musicals taking over the theatre world. Or, if you’re wanting to get your theatre fix with some dramatic classics, watch performances of globally-renowned shows including Andrew Lloyd Webber’Cats.

See theatre stars on the small screen

Even though you’re not fulfilling your theatre fix and watching live productions, there’s ample opportunity to see West End actors in television series. Catch up on comedy classics including Absolutely Fabulous starring Jennifer Saunders.