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How to make sure you get the best deals on Black Friday


How to make sure you get the best deals on Black Friday

On Black Friday, there will be offers for discounted theatre tickets across a variety of West End shows. If you’re looking to go to the theatre but want to save money, buying tickets on this seasonal weekend can be one of the best times of year to ensure you get a great deal. Make sure you know how to land some of the best tickets this Black Friday by following our tips for getting the best deals around.

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Be flexible with what show you would like to see

Not every show will have a Black Friday deal. To make sure you snap up some of the best ticket deals in the West End, have a list of shows that you’d like to see and then make up your mind once you see what offers are available.

Have a list of dates that you can choose from.

Black Friday deals may only be available for performances a few weeks after Black Friday, or on certain days of the week. Be flexible with your dates to give yourself more availablity for the shows that you would like to see.

Make sure you know the different options

When booking your tickets this Black Friday, consider what ticket will get you the biggest discount. It could be worth spending more on an individual ticket for a greater saving.

For £1.99 per ticket, you can upgrade to a “Flexiticket”, which means you can change your booking to an alternative date up to three days before the original performance date if you need to.

Score early deals

During the week up to Black Friday, there will be deals on many shows to take advantage of. So, beat the rush and book your tickets to some incredible shows and grab those discounts!

We have deals on theatre tickets throughout the year, not just on Black Friday. To find the best deals, make sure you check our website regularly to find out what’s happening and how you can score some incredible offers for West End productions.

With shows of the week, a show of the month and flash sales, look out for these offers on our website and our newsletters.

Note down your reference number

Reference Number

As you book your tickets, you’ll see a reference number appear on the right-hand side of the screen. When making your booking, write down your reference number somewhere you’ll remember. This number is individual to you and means that our team can track each booking. If a problem does arise when booking, you can contact our team online or +44 (0)20 7400 1255 or email us on our website. Quoting your reference number means we’ll be able to track your order and pinpoint your issue. You’ll be able to find your reference number on your confirmation email.

If there’s a problem after you’ve booked your tickets, contact us and quote your reference number and we’ll be able to help!

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Keep up to date with the latest theatre tickets on sale on our social media. With weekly giveaways as well as videos and West End advice, our social media is the place to be this Black Friday. We’ll be updating our Twitter account all day long with theatre ticket offers available for you to get your hands on.

To make sure you don’t miss out on any discounted theatre tickets this Black Friday, check out our list of shows on offer regularly. You don’t want to miss out on going to see a West End show at a much cheaper price.

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