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London’s greatest kid friendly shows this half term


London’s greatest kid friendly shows this half term

Guaranteed to banish all forms of boredom this half term, let our pick of London shows transport your family to another world. Theatreland is bursting with treats that will ignite your child’s imagination, helping to create memories that your family will treasure forever. Whether you’re looking for something educational, funny, or musical, there’s a show for every brood in our selection of kid-friendly productions.

Booking on a budget? Look no further! There’s a host of cheap family-friendly London shows waiting for you to enjoy.

Kid friendly shows this half term


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Now in its 12th year in the West End, Wicked is one of the most engaging theatrical experiences of all time. Winner of over 100 international awards, the show has been seen by over 9 million people in London alone.

Nothing compares to witnessing the mesmerising visual effects, magnificent costumes and spectacular set design in person or hearing the powerful hits “Defying Gravity” and “The Wizard and I” performed live. It guarantees a magical experience for every child.

The alternate story behind ‘The Wizard of Oz’ gives Glinda the Good and Elphaba, the evil Wicked Witch of the West, their chance in the spotlight. The two characters meet at Shiz University as sorcery students. Glinda is blonde and extremely popular, while Elphaba has green skin and is misunderstood. The witches become unlikely friends, however the cracks in their bond quickly begin to show as one of them is seduced by power.

Wicked will challenge your little one’s notion of good and evil – it promises to be a night you’ll never forget and it comes as no surprise that this worldwide phenomenon continues to fill its theatre to the brim even after so many years.

Wicked is located at the Apollo Victoria Theatre, with Victoria being the closest underground and overground train station. Wicked is recommended for ages 7+ and has matinee performances on Wednesday and Saturday.

Wicked tickets are available now.

Matilda the Musical

Matilda the Musical

Winner of an outstanding 7 Olivier Awards, Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical has taken London by storm and is nearly in its 7th year in the West End. This lively, highly visual story about an extraordinary little girl who dares to take a stand and change her own destiny is bound to delight your little ones.

Matilda Wormwood is born special. Reading books at the library by age five, she has an accelerated thirst for knowledge. Unappreciated by her vacuous parents, who show more interest in looks than books, Matilda’s astonishing wit, intelligence and psychokinetic powers are only noticed once she starts school. Her new teacher, Miss Honey, sees the unique qualities in Matilda and the two quickly bond over their dysfunctional family lives.

But, things don’t go well for Matilda when she gets on the wrong side of her school’s horrendous headmistress, Miss Agatha Trunchbull. Matilda must learn to deal with her rotten circumstances, and using her powers to stage a revolution, she discovers that sometimes you have to be “a little bit naughty” to survive.

Produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company, the show features a score by comedian Tim Minchin and some of the most inventive staging in town, it really is a feast for the eyes, as well as the ears and the heart. Matilda is truly a family theatre gem – don’t miss it!

Matilda The Musical is located at the Cambridge Theatre, with Covent Garden being the closest underground train station and Charing Cross being the closest overground train station. Matilda The Musical is recommended for ages 6+ and has matinee performances on Wednesday and Saturday.

Matilda The Musical tickets are available now.

Disney’s Aladdin

Photo credit: Johan Persson

With a magic carpet that soars across the stage, sparkling sequin encrusted costumes in an array of bright colours and astounding set pieces that carry you to the very heart of Agrabah, Aladdin offers a glorious West End experience for all the family.

Having delighted audiences in New York since April 2014, Disney’s Aladdin has flown into the Prince Edward Theatre and is one of the West End’s biggest hits. With a wonderful score by Disney legend Alan Menken (‘The Little Mermaid’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’), this thrilling production offers an unforgettable evening of magic, comedy, romance and awe-inspiring spectacle. Disney’s Aladdin features all of the songs from the beloved film, including “Friend Like Me”, “Prince Ali” and the Oscar and Grammy award-winning “A Whole New World”, plus a handful of new songs added for the stage show.

With a fabulous cast and orchestra bringing the world of Agrabah to life, get your tickets today for the magic carpet ride of your life!

Aladdin is located at the Prince Edward Theatre, with Leicester Square being the closest underground train station and Charing Cross being the closest overground train station. Disney’s Aladdin is recommended for ages 6+ and has matinee performances on Thursday and Saturday.

Aladdin tickets are available now.

School of Rock

A scene from School Of Rock

School of Rock is an Olivier Award-winning musical, based on the hugely successful 2003 movie, tells the story of Dewey Finn, a down-on-his-luck, wannabe rock star. In a moment of madness, Dewey poses as a substitute teacher in order to earn a few extra bucks. With no interest in arithmetic, academia or A-grades, Dewey struggles to fit in – until he discovers his pupils’ musical talents. Creating his own curriculum, Dewey focuses on guitar-shredding, bass-slapping and mic-dropping, and transforms these pint-sized prodigies into a mind-blowing rock band.

Featuring a new score from Andrew Lloyd Webber, School of Rock invites you to bring your air guitar and unleash your inner rock god. This show is irresistibly funny and even packs an emotional punch alongside rollicking guitar riffs. This is combined with the talent of 13 children who form the West End’s first kids rock band, all playing their instruments live on stage.

School of Rock is located at the Gillian Lynne Theatre, with Covent Garden being the closest underground train station and Charing Cross being the closest overground train station. School of Rock is recommended for ages 5+ and has matinee performances on Thursday and Saturday.

School of Rock tickets are available now.

The Comedy about a Bank Robbery

Experience comedy at its very best with tickets to this Mischief Theatre masterpiece. Written by the Olivier Award-winning recipients behind the productions The Play that Goes Wrong and Peter Pan Goes Wrong, The Comedy about a Bank Robbery is an uproarious play guaranteed to have your young adult in stitches throughout.

It’s summer 1958. Minneapolis City Bank has been entrusted with a priceless diamond. An escaped convict is dead set on pocketing the gem with the help of his screwball sidekick, trickster girlfriend… and the maintenance man. With mistaken identities, love triangles and hidden agendas, even the most reputable can’t be trusted. In a town where everyone’s a crook, who will end up bagging the jewel?

This smash-and-grab hit is a fast, fabulous comedy caper and the funniest show in the West End, the performances just keep getting worse and worse…

The Comedy about a Bank Robbery is located at the Criterion Theatre, with Piccadilly Circus being the closest underground train station and Charing Cross being the closest overground train station. The Comedy about a Bank Robbery is recommended for ages 11+ and has moderate sexual innuendos throughout. There are matinee performances on Saturday and Sunday.

Find out when matinee performances are happening this half term with us.

The Comedy about a Bank Robbery tickets are available now.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

Photo credit: Alistair Muir

Whisk your teen away from their phone to give them an experience they won’t forget at a show all their friends are talking about. Inspired by the BBC documentary ‘Jamie: Drag Queen at 16’, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is a brave, reckless and unconventional tale about finding yourself and being who you want to be. Jamie New lives on a council estate in Sheffield, and he doesn’t quite fit in. Supported by his incredible mother Margaret, Jamie overcomes the prejudice that he faces and decides to make his dreams come true. Nobody can tell Jamie that he can’t, and soon his drag persona Mimi Me takes centre stage.

Filled with catchy new songs from writer Tom MacRae and Dan Gillespie Sells of pop group The Feeling, this hearty production opened to rave five-star reviews at the West End’s Apollo Theatre following the show’s sell-out run at Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre.

Your son or daughter will be talking about Jamie and his secret passion for drag long after the curtain falls.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is located at the Apollo Theatre, with Piccadilly Circus being the closest underground train station and Charing Cross being the closest overground train station. Parental discretion is advised for Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, the show contains some strong language and mild sexual references.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie tickets are available now.

The Woman in Black

With its unique use of illusion and the suspense of controlled horror, The Woman in Black is a highly memorable theatrical treat for you and your teenager.

The play begins on an empty stage, as an older actor Arthur Kipps is reading his story aloud in an effort to exorcise the spirit from his life. His delivery is mocked by a younger actor, who decides to act out Kipps’ narrative himself, assuming his role whilst the real Kipps plays the other characters from the story and the ghost story begins to unfold.

Kipps is a junior lawyer, sent to settle the estate of Alice Drablow who lives in the remote Eel Marsh House. As he notices a mysterious figure dressed in black at her funeral, he is shocked to find out that none of the other villagers reported seeing the apparition. Undeterred from his task, Kipps spends time alone at the house, and finds himself cut off from the town thanks to the marshes. He is forced to spend a night in the house, discovering a child’s nursery behind a locked door. His curiosity leads to him revealing a haunting secret…

This riveting classic is the second longest-running play in the West End and has been watched from behind the hands of over 7 million theatregoers. Although written in 1983, the chilling story holds the ability to shock and frighten a modern audience.

The Woman in Black is located at the Fortune Theatre, with Covent Garden being the closest underground train station and Charing Cross being the closest overground train station.

The Woman in Black tickets are available now.

The Mousetrap

Now boasting over 65 years on the London stage, the world’s longest-running play The Mousetrap is still going strong at St. Martin’s Theatre, and for good reason! This national treasure from the Queen of Crime is a suspenseful whodunnit that keeps you and your children guessing until the very end.

Five guests arrive at a remote country hotel, only to find themselves snowed in. A policeman turns up, warning of a murderer on the loose. It’s not long before a murder takes place inside the house and the detective assembles all the guests together and interrogates them one by one. Each avoid the truth, some by remaining silent and others by lying outright. Can the murderer be caught before more deaths occur? Will you discover the clues hidden among the mounting pile of red herrings?

Although over 10 million people have seen The Mousetrap, it’s a tradition that no one reveals the murderer’s identity, the only way you’ll find out is by seeing this legendary piece of theatre history for yourself.

The Mousetrap is located at St Martin’s Theatre, with Leicester Square being the closest underground train station and Charing Cross being the closest overground train station.

The Mousetrap tickets are available now.