Empowering and inspirational theatre in the West End

By | Posted on 28-Feb-2020

Empowering and inspirational theatre in the West End

With uplifting tales based on real-life events, as well as incredible theatrical feats, you’ll be wowed at the stories told on stage. We asked our staff here at Encore Tickets to give us their top picks of London’s inspirational theatre, but we’d love to know which shows have left you feeling good.

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Inspirational West End shows

And Juliet

“I really liked the way & Juliet made me feel. It put a huge smile on my face, and I felt empowered throughout the whole performance! Juliet was incredible! Everything was on her terms, it made me feel like nothing should be imposed on you, that you should take care of yourself, go on a nice holiday, put yourself first… and that you can achieve anything as a woman!” – Ella

Wicked paints a picture of women overcoming life’s broad brush of destiny and breaking that mould with the power of self-belief in Oz.” – Jeff 

Six the Musical

“I loved how Six started from nothing and now became this massive hit! I think that women empowerment had a lot to do with its success. It was so in your face, it portrayed another version of historic women, sassy and unapologetic. The mixture of the music and the characters was so modern and relevant, you feel instantly good after leaving the show. Also, the cast differs in terms of body sizes and shapes. The inclusive body positivity reflected in this show should be a norm nowadays, not an exception.” – Marika

“Beverley Bass became the first female pilot to be named captain by American Airlines. During the show, you can tell how brave she was during a tough time when they only knew a little about what was actually going on.” – Manisha

Tina the Musical

Tina Turner is my idea of a strong woman; her life was never perfect but she never gave up. Despite the terrible things she endured and even being told she was too old to make it big in the music industry, she never gave up! Dubbed the Queen of Rock & Roll, she became the oldest female solo artist ever to top the chart. Her life tells other women that they are never too old to find real love and they are never too old to accomplish their goals.” – Tashane

Witness for the Prosecution is about self-preservation, mystery, infatuation, love and justice. It surprisingly translates some sort of twisted female empowerment by portraying a woman asserting her freewill and working against the patriarchal system of the time while within sight.” – Marley

Inspirational theatre in the West End