How can I buy last minute theatre tickets for West End shows?

By | Posted on 03-Oct-2018

How can I buy last minute theatre tickets for West End shows?

Are you deciding to go on a theatre trip, but you’re buying your tickets at the last minute? There are lots of ways to get last minute tickets that can be affordable and see some of the hottest shows on the West End. Read our guide to nabbing the best last minute theatre tickets around.

Book last minute tickets for these West End shows

Why should I buy last minute tickets?

Last minute tickets are a great way to see productions that you’ve always wanted to see. They can also be a great way of going to shows or theatres that you may not have heard of or know about. Strike while the iron’s hot and you can get some of the best tickets in London at a fraction of the price.

Booking last minute tickets couldn’t be easier with us. Simply select the show that you want to see and the date you would like to go to and our live seating plans will show you what seats are available. On our website, you’re able to book tickets the same day as a performance, with free ticket collection available from most venues. If you want to book last minute tickets through our customer service team, then call us at +44 (0)20 7400 1255 and we’ll be able to help with any questions on booking tickets for a last minute performance.


Will my seat be at the back of the theatre?

Not necessarily, as availability can differ by performance.  There are many productions that may reserve front row seats for those buying tickets on the day, but seats may also be advertised as “restricted view seating” so it’s worth checking if your seats will be in these sections.

Are there ticket booths to buy last minute tickets at?

There are lots of ticket booths around London that sell tickets for shows and events at a discounted price. Encore Tickets has a ticket booth inside Leicester Square tube station, near to many West End theatres including the Prince of Wales, the Duke of York’s and Wyndham’s, and a shop near Trafalgar Square.

When buying tickets from ticket booths, be flexible in what show you would like to see. The show you may want to see could have sold out, so approach buying a last minute theatre ticket at a ticket booth with a few shows in mind to avoid disappointment.

I want to see a specific show but it’s sold out, can I still get last minute tickets?

There are some shows which are either very popular or may only have a short run, so performances frequently sell out. However, tickets for some of the most popular productions in the West End may have seats available in performances nearer to curtain up, so it’s worth checking our last minute availability page to see which shows you can see over the next few days.