Spectacular, panoramic views of London’s skyline across the capital

By | Posted on 17-Jun-2019

Spectacular, panoramic views of London’s skyline across the capital

See London from great heights at these unbelievable locations, offering visitors the chance to see the skyline from hundreds of feet above the ground. Whether it’s a journey into the past as you climb up the stairs of St. Paul’s Cathedral, or stepping into the skyline itself on board the London Eye, don’t miss out on the panoramic views of London and experience the city in a new light with a truly unforgettable birds-eye look.

See the best views of London

London Bungee Jump


Feel the fresh air and experience what it would be like to fly with a bungee jump in the capital. Located near London’s O2 Arena, you’ll ascend to a height of 160 feet (15 storeys high) and receive safety briefings about your bungee jump. Once you’ve stepped closer to the edge and taken in the views at the top, get ready to leap off the edge and fall down to Earth in a matter of seconds. As you land on the ground with a thick cushion for protection, you’ll be able to boast that you’ve seen the best views of London at all heights!

Tower Bridge


An iconic part of London’s skyline, explore the history of the city at Tower Bridge. Delve into the stories behind the construction, architecture and important vessels that have sailed along the River Thames. Step across the glass floors 42 metres above the Thames and watch day-to-day life unfold below you. With the bridge lifts allowing larger boats to pass throughout the day, make sure you take in the views of Tower Bridge both open and closed and be in awe of the defining landmark.

The Arcelormittal Orbit

Arcelormittal Orbit

At 114 metres high, take in panoramic views of east and central London at the Arcelormittal Orbit at the Queen Elizabeth Park. When you approach the Orbit, take in the tower’s striking-red unique appearance, before whisking yourself to the top. Experience each part of the Orbit at dizzying heights; as the UK’s tallest sculpture, learn about the city with views of up to 20 miles as you see the buildings beneath you. Finish your time at the Orbit with an exhilarating trip down the Slide, reaching speeds of up to 15 miles an hour. If you want to feel like a big kid and learn more about the city, you’ll want to head to the ArcelorMittal Orbit.

Royal Observatory Greenwich

Combine learning about epic scientific feats with stunning views in the open air with a day trip to Royal Observatory Greenwich. As you walk around the site, take a moment to stand in the Eastern and Western hemispheres at once on the Meridian Line. Learn about the cosmos by the Great Equatorial Telescope, or take a seat in the Planetarium and listen to guides as they discuss the biggest stars in the sky. Once you’ve unravelled what happens in the clouds, return to Earth and enjoy the great open spaces of London, relaxing in the public parks. If you’re looking for a variety of views that are off the beaten track, you’ll want to head to Greenwich.

The View From The Shard


At 310 metres high, heading up to the 72nd floor of The Shard isn’t for the faint-hearted, but the views at the top make the dizzying heights worthwhile. With the chance to see 360-degree observations across the capital, feel encased in the glass, pyramid-shaped skyscraper that stands in the heart of the city. With the opportunity to learn more about London with a panoramic booklet, or a glass of champagne upon arrival, see what’s happening across the capital and visit the Shard.

St Paul’s Cathedral

St Pauls
Photo credit: Peter Smith

Sitting at the highest point in the City of London, witness unbelievable views of the capital at St Paul’s Cathedral. Although the cathedral has been built and rebuilt five times, take in over 1,400 years of British history that’s happened on the grounds of where the current incarnation of St Paul’s stands today. Take a walk through the Whispering Gallery and hear the inner sounds of the religious building, or why not visit the crypt where famous Britons lie, including Admiral Nelson. After you’ve viewed what’s inside the cathedral, scale the interior with a 528-step staircase to the top and see London inside the iconic dome, weighing 65,000 tons.

The LastMinute.com London Eye

Standing at 443 feet tall and located on the South Bank, you can’t miss The LastMinute.com London Eye! During a 30-minute rotation on board the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel, see London glow and fall in love with the skyline. Take a look at the Houses of Parliament, the BT Tower and ride one of London’s most iconic landmarks; come rain or shine, you’ll witness great views! Located on the South Bank, find out more about the cultural hub here.

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