The best love songs from musicals to listen to on Valentine’s Day

By | Posted on 23-Jan-2020

The best love songs from musicals to listen to on Valentine’s Day

Are you feeling unlucky in love? Are you all loved up? Whatever you’re feeling this Valentine’s Day, there’s plenty of West End shows that are sure to make your heart flutter. Listen to these beautiful love songs from musicals running in London, then book your tickets to see these songs performed live on stage.

Love songs in West End shows

“Helpless” – Hamilton

Performed in the first half of Hamilton, Elizabeth Schuyler sings “Helpless” about the titular character, with the song detailing the pair’s budding romance that led to marrying the Founding Father to be. It’s soon followed by “Satisfied” sung by Angelica Schuyler as she wonders what could have happened if she had pursued a relationship with Alexander Hamilton instead.

“Can You Feel The Love Tonight” – The Lion King

The Academy Award-winning song is sung in Act 2 of The Lion King, as Nala and Simba share a tender moment together. Having grown up with one another, Nala asks Simba to return to the Pride Lands, but Simba’s pride matters too much to him, with the lion deciding to continue fending for himself in the Serengeti.

“All I Ask of You”- The Phantom of the Opera

Christine and Raoul share their revived romantic feelings towards each other in “All I Ask of You”, with Christine caught in the middle of a love triangle between her past lover and the Phantom in one of the most iconic songs from The Phantom of the Opera.

“A Heart Full of Love” -Les Miserables

Capturing the mutual love between Cosette and Marius, leaving Eponine in the shadows, “A Heart Full of Love” sees two women pursuing the same man without knowledge of the other woman. It’s a tender, touching moment in Les Miserables that’s away from the revolutionaries on the barricade.

“Grow Old With You” – The Wedding Singer

Robbie Hart gatecrashes a wedding in The Wedding Singer, performing his own song “Grow Old With You” to Julia to confess his love to her. He’s been heartbroken before, left at the altar and dismissing any signs of true love. But, who will Julia say ‘I Do’ to? Kevin Clifton stars in The Wedding Singer at Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre.

“One More Try” – & Juliet

The only song that was written specifically for & Juliet, “One More Try” sees Romeo and Juliet confess how they feel to one another. But, with Juliet’s story being rewritten by William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway, should she have fell for him again?

“Everybody Loves Louis” – Sunday in the Park With George

Wishing that George would show her the attention she feels that she deserves, Dot meets Louis, a man who seemingly gives her what she wants. In “Everybody Loves Louis”, Dot sings about his respect towards her and in turn dismissing George, but will George be able to win her affection back?

“On This Night of a Thousand Stars” – Evita

One of the first songs in Evita, Eva Peron falls in love with Agustin Magaldi, especially when he’s singing “On This Night of A Thousand Stars”. The pair eventually travel to Buenos Aires, where Eva becomes part of influential circles to start a political career, and the rest is history…

“You Matter to Me” – Waitress

In Waitress, Jenna fears that her affair to Dr Pomatter will ruin her already crumbling marriage with Earl, ruining all chances of bringing up their child in a happy family. But, as Dr Pomatter consoles Jenna by telling her that she matters, it’s clear their love towards each other is both romantic and platonic.

“If I Loved You” – Carousel

One of the stand-out love songs in Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Carousel, Billy Bigelow and Julie Jordan confess what they think about each other in this touching ballad. Wondering what it would be like if they were in love, they still shy away from declaring their true feelings in “If I Loved You”.

Photo credit: Matthew Murphy