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7 of the most inspiring magic shows to see in the West End


7 of the most inspiring magic shows to see in the West End

Get up close to some of the leading magicians in London and head out to one of these productions, packed with jaw-dropping, death-defying stunts, as well as sleight of hand card tricks that nobody will be able to suss how it’s done. From some of the world’s leading magicians to smaller cabaret acts, there’s no denying that each of these magic acts have a certain star quality, so take your pick from this deck of shows we’ve shuffled.

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Luzia – Cirque du Soleil


Marking 30 years since the first Cirque du Soleil performance in the UK, the death-defying troupe with Luzia. A reawakening of Mexico and the central American nations, enter an acrobatic-filled journey with bigger stunts, sets and sounds to echo around the Royal Albert Hall. From contortionists and rain dancers to stilt-walkers, grant yourself a pass to another world at Luzia.

Magic Goes Wrong

Mischief Theatre

The second show to be performed as part of Mischief Theatre’s 12 month residency at the Vaudeville Theatre sees the company don their top hat and tails at Magic Goes Wrong. Set at a charity event, it’s the aim of the magicians to raise as much money as possible by performing the biggest, boldest magic tricks. But, in true Mischief Theatre style, not everything goes according to plan. As their tricks spiral out of control, so does the target amount! With the play written in collaboration with American magicians Penn & Teller, see if the performers will be able to muster up the courage to perform incredible stunts at Magic Goes Wrong. Playing for a limited engagement, you’ll want to pull these tickets out of the hat before they disappear in a cloud of smoke!

Want to see even more Mischief Theatre? Read our guide for all the different productions you can see the company perform in, bringing their unique style of comedy to London.

The Illusionists


Returning to the West End in summer 2019, see some of the greatest magicians from around the world come together to perform in The Illusionists. See some of the highest quality magic tricks which will leave you in disbelief, including feats of escapalogy, as well as levitation, mind-reading, people disappearing before your eyes and grand illusions, sure to make you question everything you’re watching. Previous acts to have performed in The Illusionists in the West End include Colin Cloud and Jamie Raven. Direct from Broadway, enjoy a summer of magic and plenty of moments to make you gasp with disbelief at The Illusionists.

Circus 1903


Experience the magic of the circus at Christmastime with Circus 1903, returning to the Southbank Centre for a second year. In a circus inspired by the performing acts at the turn of the 20th century, watch acrobats and contortionists fly in front of you and circus performers take on death-defying stunts in this spectacular show. With giant puppet elephants as well as daring performers, gasp in disbelief at the magic and beauty of Circus 1903.

Morgan and West’s Utterly Spiffing Spectacular Magic Show for Kids


Morgan and West are a pair of time travelling entertainers who will delight adults and kids alike. Over the course of an hour, see incredible tricks suitable for all the family with a spirit-lifting, mind-frying, death-defying magical extravaganza. Plenty of silliness is guaranteed with Morgan and West, so don’t miss their monthly performances at the Underbelly Festival from April to September 2019.

Magical Bones Unboxed


With his trusty Rubik’s cube in tow, stare at the unbelievable sleight of hand combined with West End quality dancing at Magical Bones Unboxed. Seen on television as well as starring in the hit magic show Impossible which played at the Noel Coward Theatre. Starting his performing career as a dancer, Richard Essien became Magical Bones when he began to focus as a magician, blending hip-hop and innovative magic together to astonish audiences far and wide. Performing solo at the Underbelly Festival for just three performances, don’t miss your chance to see the iconic showman.



Mixing circus acrobatics and performance skills with high energy entertainment, introduce younger members of your family to the world of magic with Chores. The cabaret performance follows the story of two brothers, as they have to tidy their rooms in order to ride their bicycles! Packed with juggling, flips, tumbling and plenty of laughter, Chores returns to the Underbelly after entertaining audiences in London and across the world.