What did critics think of Mary Poppins at the Prince Edward Theatre, starring Zizi Strallen and Charlie Stemp?

By | Posted on 14-Nov-2019

What did critics think of Mary Poppins at the Prince Edward Theatre, starring Zizi Strallen and Charlie Stemp?

Flying back into the Prince Edward Theatre 15 years since it first opened, Mary Poppins is back in the West End delighting audiences across the country with its quintessentially British charm. Reprising her role from the national tour, Zizi Strallen stars as Mary Poppins, with Charlie Stemp as Bert in a heartwarming musical where the Banks children are looked after by a ‘practically-perfect’ Nanny. Read what theatre critics had to say about Mary Poppins at the Prince Edward Theatre and book your tickets now!

Mary Poppins reviews – What the critics said

“Bask in the gentle familiarity and delightful uplift of this story and the spit-spot production it has been given… the evening may have an old-fashioned feeling of a well-crafted book musical of the old school, but it delivers a timeless experience.”
Mark Shenton

“The high point of the show, quite literally, comes when Bert tap dances horizontally on the walls of the proscenium and then upside down on its arch. It says a lot for Charlie Stemp that he retains a boyish cheerfulness even when dancing, Astaire-like, on the ceiling. The show is an unassailable treat and Eyre’s production has acquired the heart to go with its art.”
Michael Billington
The Guardian

“The musical’s best sequences are those that just let rip with joy and wonder. It is less a colourful romp with cartoon characters and more a journey into the human heart.”
Sarah Crompton
Whats On Stage

“The ensemble powers seamlessly through the set pieces. Strallen and Stemp dance and harmonise beautifully and make their platonic romance entirely credible. This feel-good extravaganza defies both logic and pessimism. Maybe that’s what we need right now.”
Nick Curtis
Evening Standard

“Mary Poppins is a gorgeously warm kids’ story that’s burrowed deep into the hearts of Londoners of all ages. It serves up everything you could want in a mega-budget family musical; memorable songs, dazzling visuals, and a nostalgic ideal of a London never existed, but is supercalifragelistically good fun to visit for an hour or three.”
Alice Saville
Time Out