Motivational songs from musicals to inspire you

By | Posted on 27-Mar-2020

Motivational songs from musicals to inspire you

We all need to listen to a playlist that will leave us feeling inspired. If you’re looking for some musical energy, listen to a motivational song like these, guaranteed to leave you raring to go. So, turn your speakers up to the loudest they’ll go and get ready to be listening to these songs on repeat.

Inspiring songs to listen to

Defying Gravity

The end of act one in Wicked builds up to a climax as Elphaba sings “Defying Gravity”. In a soundtrack including “One Short Day” and “No Good Deed”, “Defying Gravity” stands out as Elphaba appears to fly above the crowd of Ozians. Listen to the original Broadway cast perform “Defying Gravity” here.

I Just Can’t Wait to Be King

Simba dreams of being King of the Pride Lands from an early age, as told in “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King”. As Simba wishes he can do what he wants with great power, it’s clear that Simba is a big dreamer with an even bigger heart. One of many show tunes in the show including “Hakuna Matata” and “Circle of Life”, see how Simba transforms from lion cub to lion king with tickets to the Disney musical, enjoying a continuous run at The Lion King.

The Wall in My Head

Jamie New dreams of being a drag queen. For his 16th birthday, his mum gives him a pair of red high heels; Jamie’s first pair. Taking the first steps in his new shoes, Jamie reflects on his aspirations in “The Wall In My Head”, an original song written by Dan Gillepsie Sells for the musical. As Jamie grows in confidence, he eventually performs in drag and later attends the school prom in a dress. A musical of hope, positivity and confidence, see Jamie turn from schoolkid to drag superstar in Everybody’s Talking About Jamie.

One Day More

The final song of Act One in Les Miserables, “One Day More” brings the cast together. An iconic show tune, Les Miserables follows Jean Valjean on an epic journey from being a convict, looking after Cosette and eventually fighting on the barricade during the French revolutionary years. With songs including “I Dreamed A Dream” and “On My Own”,  Les Miserables has always provided an unforgettable night in the West End.

Any Dream Will Do

Sung by Joseph, “Any Dream Will Do” has been performed by numerous actors over the years, including Donny Osmond, Jason Donovan and Lee Mead. The musical is a dramatised retelling of Joseph being sold into slavery, with a soundtrack including “Close Every Door” and “Go, Go, Go Joseph”.

I Have A Dream

Although it’s one of the first songs in the film adaptation, “I Have A Dream” rounds off Mamma Mia in spectacular fashion, as Sophie and Sky finally marry on a Greek island after lots of drama building up to the wedding day. Dreaming of her future, Sophie sings “I Have A Dream” as a solo performance, before an epic encore that you have to see to believe.

I Believe

After many failed attempts to spread the word of the Latter Day Saints in Uganda, Elder Price re-affirms his faith and sings directly to the General in “I Believe”. A heartfelt, compassionate solo, it’s a hilarious ballad that’s sure to leave you feeling empowered. Featuring lyrics by the creators behind South Park and Avenue Q, you won’t want to miss hearing this sensational song in The Book of Mormon.

When I Grow Up

Children and adults fly high on swings during “When I Grow Up”, in this reflective song about the future. The musical follows Matilda Wormwood, a child with a telekinetic gift. Forming a close bond with her teacher, Matilda learns that she has to be a little bit naughty to get her own way.

Cross the Line

In one of the company numbers from Bring It Onthis motivational track will definitely get you up and dancing! It’s all about coming together, being confident in who you are and being proud of your own success. Louis Smith and Amber Davies will star in the musical, coming to Queen Elizabeth Hall this Christmas.

My Shot

Got a long project in front of you and you just don’t want to start it? Let Alexander Hamilton’s rousing words inspire you to succeed in “My Shot”. Determined to achieve, this punchy song is just the start of Hamilton’s life, where he’ll become a Founding Father in the history of the United States. Hamilton‘s currently at the Victoria Palace Theatre.

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Commonly known as the unofficial anthem of Liverpool Football Club, did you know that “You’ll Never Walk Alone” is a musical theatre song? It’s sung in Carousel, coming to Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre this summer. However, it’s been covered by globally-renowned vocalists including Alfie Boe, Bernadette Peters and Elvis Presley.

My Favourite Things

Do you prefer raindrops on roses, or whiskers on kittens? Maria reminds the children to fill their minds with the things that make them smile when times are tough. The song has also ranked in the top songs of all time in American cinema.

Don’t Rain On My Parade

Arguably the stand-out song from Funny Girl, Fanny Brice picks up her life once and for all in this act one finale number. As well as Sheridan Smith singing the number in the West End revival at the Savoy Theatre, it’s also been sung by Shirley Bassey, but is best known by Barbra Streisand.