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7 London walking tours and bus tours you need to go on


7 London walking tours and bus tours you need to go on

There’s more to London than meets the eye. Find out more about the capital and delve into a historical world of London on a tour of the city. See the past come to life before your very eyes on walking tours where you’ll learn about how Londoners lived centuries ago, or a musical adventure through the ages featuring tracks recorded by some of the greatest artists of the twentieth century. You won’t want to miss out on seeing London in these unconventional ways!

Exciting London tours

Jack the Ripper Walking Tour


A mysterious, yet an alluring character in London’s history, detectives have been trying to work out Jack the Ripper’s real identity for over 120 years. Step into Victorian Britain and uncover the story of the Whitechapel murders on a Jack the Ripper Walking Tour. As you walk around London’s East End, tour guides will take you through the tales of the infamous murders, as well as what’s been found out about Jack the Ripper. Will you be able to uncover something new? Only time will tell, but you’ll have to book your Jack the Ripper Walking Tour tickets first.

Classic Rock Tour

Get close and personal to the most rockin’ places in town and head on a Classic Rock Tour. Travelling around London on a mini-bus, you’ll go past iconic locations including the Abbey Road crossing made famous by the Beatles, as well as the homes of famous rockstars including Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Freddie Mercury. Whatever genre of rock you love the most, you’ll definitely enjoy this musical trip down memory lane on a Classic Rock Tour.

Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll Tour

Rock Tour

Dig out your glam rock outfits and head on a Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll Tour through the musical landmarks of London. From Camden Town to Soho, learn all about the musical genre and listen to music by Queen, Elton John and David Bowie along the way in this musical extravaganza that’s sure to have you singing along. Who knows, maybe this tour will inspire you to become a future musical legend?

Monsters of Rock Tour

If you’re looking for the ultimate rock experience, you’ll want to book tickets now for the Monsters of Rock Tour. Bursting with music from the Beatles, as well as iconic musical locations from the home of Band Aid to Paul McCartney’s old flat, all of your favourite rock stars will be talked about in this full day tour. Starting off in north London, you’ll travel across London heading south and ending in Chelsea. Find out about some of the greatest British artists in recent decades at the Monsters of Rock Tour and feel inspired to pick up a guitar and play!

Shakespeare’s Globe

Immerse yourself into the theatrical landscape of centuries gone by with a tour around Shakespeare’s Globe. With an expert tour guide that’s knowledgeable in all things about the Bard, find out more about the legendary playwright and theatre during the Shakespearean era. During the tour, you’ll be able to soak up the atmosphere of what it would have felt like to see a show in the 16th century, as well as hear some of the greatest secrets about Shakespeare usually left untold. Perfect for tourists, theatre lovers and Shakespeare buffs alike, book your tickets for a Shakespeare’s Globe tour now.

Golden Tours

Take in everything that London has to offer on a Golden Total London Experience Tour, giving ticket holders the chance to see and experience all the sights and sounds of the capital. During the tour, you’ll be able to visit St Paul’s Cathedral, see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, zoom down the river Thames on a boat ride to Greenwich, all before a relaxing end to the day on the London Eye. If you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled day in London that’ll take you across the city, a Golden Total London Experience Tour is the choice for you.

The Original Tour

Original Tour

Still deciding where to head for while you’re in London? These Original Tours offer you the flexibility to see as much or as little of the city as you want, with ticket lengths ranging from one to three days. The first company to offer people the chance to go sightseeing in London, hop on and off the bus as you wish to find the newest destination for you to explore. With routes across the city and over 100 bus stops served by the fleet of buses, you’ll be able to explore London to your heart’s content with the Original Tours.

Want to pack your time in London with adventure but you’re only here for one day? Make the most out of a 24 hour trip to the capital with us.