Top tips for organising a group trip to the theatre

By | Posted on 19-Oct-2018

Top tips for organising a group trip to the theatre

If you’re looking to book tickets for a show in the West End for a large group of people, these tips for taking a group trip to the theatre will help you plan your theatre booking with ease.

Group trip to the theatre

Tickets can be cheaper if you book as a group trip to the theatre

You can get discounted rates on tickets if you book a large group trip to the theatre. So, whether it’s for a school booking, a day out for senior citizens, organising a large work outing for simply going as a group of theatre friends, make a day out to the West End and go to the theatre as a large group.

As one of the West End’s leading ticket suppliers, our group discounts are available for parties of six or more. Offering discounts of up to 50%, our group booking team will be able to sort out any queries you may have, as well as help organise your visit and find the best prices for you.

Contact our groups team on +44 (0)20 7400 1255 or get in touch on our website to help you plan your next trip to the West End.

Book well in advance

For better availability across a broader range of shows, it’s best to book your show tickets a few months in advance. This way, you and your group will be able to see what’s on and pick the best show for all of you. Booking with lots of time in advance makes it more likely you’ll be able to book a large block of seats in the theatre, so you can all sit together.

Booking group tickets at the last minute? Check out our guide that’s got plenty of tips for booking last minute theatre tickets.

Be flexible with your date and show choices

When booking a show for a large group, it’s best to select a date that you’re all free before deciding what show you’re all going to see. There’s something to suit every group trip to the theatre, so take advantage of the full range of plays and musicals on our website.

If you are organising a school trip or work outing where you want to see a specific show, being flexible with your dates will mean there’s more availability to book the show you want.

The best days of the week to go to the theatre

Whatever day you go to the theatre, you’re sure to be treated to an unforgettable world-class performance. But just like going to the cinema, eating out at restaurants and making an appointment at the hairdressers, it’s more likely to be busier on a weekend or evening. If you want to see a big West End production on a Saturday evening, it’s likely you’ll have to book tickets with a few months in advance to guarantee a large group booking.

During the week, the West End may be a little bit quieter, but you will still have to book with plenty of time so you can guarantee you’ll be able to book some of the best seats in the theatre.

Get together with your group before to organise the day

There’s many ways to organise your day with everyone. If your group are all in different locations and coming into the West End, making a group chat is the easiest way to keep one thread of conversation between everyone. In these conversations, you can set up polls and plan events within the messages, so it’s a fool-proof way of making sure that everyone knows what is going on at the same time.

Plan a get-together with your group before the day to go through everything and make sure everyone is on the same page. If it’s a coffee morning or meeting up in a restaurant, bash through the details to make sure that your group knows what’s going on will help the day run smoother.

If you’re the one that’s organising a large group booking, make sure that everyone is aware of the details by sending out emails, texts and phone calls to ensure that every member of the group knows where to go and what to do.

What to do on the day

Before going to the theatre, plan your journey so nobody’s travelling in alone. Doing this, you’ll know that everyone is making their way to the West End and nobody will get lost in London.

Going out for dinner before the show is a perfect way to catch up with members of your group that you may not have seen for a while. There are lots of restaurants that are within walking distance to West End theatres to choose from. To make your trip even more comfortable, call up the restaurant or book online to reserve your table for the time you want it.

When booking with us, we also provide restaurant bookings for groups across many restaurants near West End theatres. Offering dinner and theatre packages, the only thing you’ll need to think about when you book with us is spending a great day in the West End!

Make sure you arrive at the theatre with plenty of time so you can take your seats in the auditorium and relax before the show starts. You don’t want to be running inside the theatre at the last minute or be late.

To make a group booking for a show in the West End, get in touch with us by phone on +44 (0)20 7400 1255 or get in touch on our website.

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