A day out in London: What you need to pack for a great time in the capital!

By | Posted on 28-Jan-2019

A day out in London: What you need to pack for a great time in the capital!

If you’re wondering what to take on a day out in London, then look no further. Read on to find out more about the essentials that you’ll want for a visit to London to make sure that you have everything you need without forgetting the basics. After travelling from outside of London, enjoy walking through some of London’s greenest parks and public spaces to being in the busier areas of central London, you’ll be prepared for any situation with packing these items.

What you need for a day out in London

A backpack

Before putting everything all together, you’ll need to decide on what bag to put it all in. To make walking round London easier, we recommend wearing a sturdy backpack that will be able to fit in your essential items, as well as a few gifts to pop in at the last minute. By having everything in a zipped backpack, it will be much easier to carry everything, leaving you hands free to snap photos of your day around the city.

If you don’t want to wear a backpack, a suitable alternative is a crossover bag, so you can make sure you’ve got all your valuables in front of you at all times.

Sturdy shoes

Although you may want to wear a fashionable outfit to strut down the streets of central London, it’s much better to wear shoes that you’ve worn many times; think stylish, yet practical. As you’re walking round the capital city, your step count will increase dramatically so you don’t want to be caught short in the middle of the day with blistered feet. If you’ve got a large enough backpack, you may want to pack trainers or other flat shoes so you can change in case your weary feet need resting.

Alongside this, it’s also sensible to pack plasters just in case you develop a few blisters that may impede walking round the city.

Umbrella and a raincoat

These two items are grouped together as they compliment one another perfectly. Whether you choose a raincoat or an umbrella is down to personal preference, however you’ll want to make sure you’ve got one ready in your bag for the potential that there will be a rainy downpour. Don’t get caught in a thunderstorm without protection from the weather and have to face the day damp and wet. Make sure you’ve got your umbrella or raincoat so you can get through a day out in London come rain or shine!

A map

Don’t know where you’re going around during your day out in London? Confused with all the side streets or trying to find the shortest route between destinations? Make sure you’ve got yours map, so you’re able to navigate yourself around the city. When walking around, you may want a normal map that will help you pinpoint where everything is, so you can be sure to locate your Apollo Theatre from the Apollo Victoria Theatre. As well as this, you may want a tube map at the ready so you can navigate the London underground and avoid congested routes wherever possible. Never been on the London Underground before? Find out everything you need to know about the transport system from the different lines to its history with us.

A portable phone charger

As you’re busy walking around the city using your phone, you may end up with your phone dying on you in the middle of the day. Make sure you’re not caught short without a working phone by carrying a portable charger. It’s a helpful piece of kit to carry around at all times, but it’s even more useful when you’re walking around a foreign city and you need to use it in order to contact others, as well as navigate or show ticket confirmation to shows, events or attractions you have booked to do during your time in the city.

Before going on a day out in London, make sure your portable charger is fully charged up so you can get as much out of it as possible. There’s nothing worse than packing a charger and then realising it’s got no battery left itself to boost up your phone’s battery life!

Cash (notes and coins)

While most places in London will accept card payment, it’s always helpful to carry cash around, so you don’t have to use your card for smaller transactions. As well as this, there may be some places which only accept card payment over a certain price, so it’s good to have cash with you in order to stop spending more than you initially wanted to.

Carrying cash is also good for when card readers may not be working, meaning you’ll be able to pay hassle-free and not worry about where the nearest cash point to affect where you’re going!


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So, what are you waiting for? By considering all of these things, you’re ready for an exciting day in London with limitless possibilities.

Photo credit: Pedro Szekely (Flickr) under CC 2.0