The top ways to spend a spooky Halloween in the West End

By | Posted on 25-Oct-2018

The top ways to spend a spooky Halloween in the West End

Whether it will have you right on the edge of your seat or screaming in the stalls, spending your Halloween in London is definitely the place to be. Some of the biggest tricks and treats in London are spine-tingling West End experiences. They’ll have you breaking out in cold sweats and making you check behind your shoulder in fright, inducing nightmares long after the curtain’s down. Frightening tales and creepy characters await all who wish to be spooked this Halloween. But make sure you take a friend; you don’t want to be left in the dark alone with these…

Be thrilled and terrify this Halloween in London


Photo credit: Matt Crockett

Lurking behind the curtain of the Apollo Victoria lies the wickedest person the West End has to offer. The tale of how Elphaba became the Wicked Witch of the West, Wicked has been sending audiences to the bewitching Land of Oz. Cackling through life, Elphaba meets Glinda where their unlikely friendship sets the scene for the ultimate battle of good versus of evil. Following an encounter with the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, their friendship reaches a crossroad with shocking consequences for their futures. Bloodcurdling screams will haunt your subconscious as Elphaba casts spells and tries to do good. The quintessential spell-binding show on the West End, Wicked is always the hottest Halloween ticket this witching hour. With eerie visual effects, evil flying monkeys and a mechanic dragon, this show will leave your hairs standing on end in shock.

The Phantom of the Opera


A love story between the mysterious Phantom and his protégée Christine, The Phantom of the Opera is sure to make you feel a bump in the night! The story tells of the Phantom’s ever-growing demands to Christine who he throws in an underground lair, trapping her while the Phantom’s obsession with her grows. As previous suitors enter the frame, the Phantom becomes enraged, leaving Christine fearful for her life. Set to Lloyd-Webber’s epic score, let the chords of anthems such as “Phantom of the Opera” and “The Music of the Night” draw you into this disturbing tale. With its beauty lying in the love triangle, The Phantom of the Opera combines dark relationships to lush backdrops making every movement just that little bit ghostly and unsettling.

The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black

A West End classic, The Woman in Black petrifies audience members night after night. Arthur Kipps travels to the abandoned, derelict Eel Marsh House to sort through the estate of recently deceased Alice Drablow. This is no ordinary estate. As seen on screen starring Daniel Radcliffe in 2012, the supernatural horror is even creepier when watching the action live before your eyes. Guaranteed to have audiences on the edge of their seats, the intimate Fortune Theatre puts its audience within touching distance of the action. Jumping out of your skin is the norm while watching The Woman in Black! Make sure you don’t get too close to mysterious figures though, who knows what could happen?

The London Bridge Experience – Phobophobia 13

Head to the Home of Halloween in London at the London Bridge Experience. An award-winning historical and scare attraction, meet Hillbillies, Clowns, Butchers, Dentists, Doctors, Insects, living dolls and enjoy a twisted journey with shocks, fear and a special dose of Halloween scares.

Sherlock – The Game is Now

Don your deerstalker hat and become a detective at this Sherlock Holmes themed escape room. Whether you’re a fan of the TV series or you’re uncovering the story for the first time, now is your chance to step into Sherlock’s world and save London. Do you have what it takes to step into the shoes of the great detective? The game’s a foot!

Jack The Ripper Walking Tour

Travel back in time to the era of Jack the Ripper and hunt for ghosts in some of London’s spookiest areas on a walking tour where you’ll wonder what’s behind you. Stroll past some of London’s famous landmarks, including Westminster Abbey, the Banqueting House, Tower Hill, the Old Bailey and Fleet Street before you decipher the evidence and discuss the suspect possibilities. Will you uncover Jack the Ripper’s long-lost identity?

London Dungeons

Face London’s dark past at the London Dungeons and delve into a world of horrible history! Meet Sweeney Todd, experience a Victorian séance and be at the mercy of the hangman as you walk through centuries of London’s history in a 90 minute experience.

Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds – The Immersive Experience

Experience a virtual retelling of Jeff Wayne’s The War Of The Worlds, featuring interactive Victorian set design, augmented reality and multi-sensory surprises over an immersive adventure. Live through the Martian Invasion and embrace the Spirit of Man at this hi-tech experience in the heart of London.