London West End Restaurants

Restaurants near The Lion King in the West End


Restaurants near The Lion King in the West End

Dine like a king from a selection of London’s finest restaurants before seeing one of the wildest shows in town. From succulent steaks to nutritious salads, our options are just a stone’s throw away from the Lyceum Theatre. So have no worries for the rest of your days and get stuck into our suggestions.

Fire and Stone

Fire and Stone

Tucked in Maiden Lane just off of Covent Garden sits Fire and Stone. Bursting with flavours taken from far-off cities with exotic tastes and flavours, there’s sure to be a stand out meal anyone will love at Fire and Stone, no matter how fussy you are! Get into the African vibe with “Marrakech”, a pizza topped with spiced minced lamb, Greek yoghurt, hummus & pomegranate. But with pizzas stretching from Mumbai to Melbourne as well as pasta and salads, Fire and Stone is gourmet global food pulled off with excellence.

To book a table at Fire and Stone, call us at (+44) 0207 400 1255


Maxwell’s Bar & Grill

Made famous with its Pokémon Freakshakes and Cheesebomb Burger, Maxwell’s Bar & Grill is guaranteed to fill anyone’s stomach! An all-American diner, Maxwell’s is a favourite in the West End. Serving first-class cuisine including a Smokin’ Ribs & Pulled Pork Combo, tequila-infused peppers in fajitas and plenty of mac and cheese, Maxwell’s will definitely have you breaking out in a meat sweat. With specials on for strictly limited seasons as well as daily deals, it’s worth visiting this restaurant time and time again to really feel like a true American.

To book a table at Maxwell’s Bar & Grill, call us at (+44) 0207 400 1255

Thai Square The Strand

Opened in 1996, Thai Square serves up authentic Thai food in an ornate atmosphere, giving a true flavour of Thailand with every bite. Offering Asian classics like salt and pepper squid, spring rolls and chicken satays, why not branch out and try jungle curry? Labelled their spiciest curry, with mixed Thai herbs and bamboo shoots, it’s sure to pack a punch! If spice isn’t your thing, why not opt for a Thai favourite, Pad Kaprao. Bean curds mixed with chillies, onions and basil leaves, team this with coconut rice for an Asian explosion.

To book a table at Thai Square on the Strand, call us at (+44) 0207 400 1255

Café Rouge Kingsway

A favourite on many British high streets, Café Rouge is the perfect restaurant to visit for a taste of France. Perfect for families, tuck into a Camembert together while dipping bread, but make sure you don’t eat it too quickly! You don’t want to get full before you can eat choices such as a smoked cod cassoulet, moules mariniére or a Crêpe aux Champignons: a baked crepe filled with mushrooms, cheese and dripping in a Mornay sauce, delicious! Pair your main with a crisp white wine or a smooth red, the choice is yours.

To book a table at Café Rouge on Kingsway, call us at (+44) 0207 400 1255



For those seeking a glamourous meal, Christopher’s is the place for treating yourself to a fine dining experience. Established as a prime American restaurant, enjoy a Surf ‘n’ Turf meal with an after dinner martini. A New York Tart or a Karamel Apple Pie-Tini, the choice is yours. If you don’t fancy a supersized meal, smaller options on pasta dishes are available. But Christopher’s offers the ultimate dining splurge: Wagyu beef.

To book a table at Christopher’s, call us at (+44) 0207 400 1255

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