The top facts about The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre

By | Posted on 20-Oct-2019

The top facts about The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre

Celebrating its 20th birthday in the West End in October 2019, read all about the smash-hit musical that has transported audiences to the Serengeti from the Lyceum Theatre. In the show, Simba makes the journey to becoming King of the Pride Lands in an adventure that’s filled with jeopardy and making friends along the way. All your favourite characters from the film star in the show including Nala, Mufasa and Rafiki in this Disney classic that’s perfect for all ages. With well-known tunes including “Circle of Life”, “Hakuna Matata” and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, The Lion King brings the Disney magic to the theatre.

All about The Lion King

Where is The Lion King set?

The Lion King is set in the Serengeti, located in Tanzania and Kenya.

The Lion King

How many puppets feature in The Lion King?

232 puppets are used in one performance of The Lion King.

How tall are the giraffe puppets in the show?

The giraffe puppets in The Lion King are 18 feet.

In “Circle of Life”, what language does Rafiki sing in?

Rafiki sings part of “Circle of Life” in Zulu. The lyrics translate in English to “Here comes a lion, father, Oh yes it’s a lion.”

The Lion King

How many times do characters say “Hakuna Matata” during the show?

A phrase that means no worries for the rest of your days, “Hakuna Matata” is said 25 times in The Lion King.

Simba translates to “lion” in what language?

The lion cub is named Simba, using the Swahili word for lion.

Where did “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” place in the UK music chart in 1994?

Upon the film’s release in 1994, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” reached number 11 in the British music charts. Take a listen to other chart-topping songs from West End musicals.