Upstart Crow reviews: David Mitchell in Upstart Crow at the Gielgud Theatre

By | Posted on 16-Feb-2020

Upstart Crow reviews: David Mitchell in Upstart Crow at the Gielgud Theatre

Think you know William Shakespeare? Think again. See David Mitchell as the Bard in Upstart Crow at the Gielgud Theatre. Based on Ben Elton’s television comedy, all the world’s a stage in this hilarious play, complete with Shakespeare wordplay and lots of jokes. Read Upstart Crow reviews here and see what you’ve had to say about the show.

Upstart Crow reviews

Upstart Crow

“Audiences unfamiliar with British TV will wonder why every entrance in the opening scenes of Upstart Crow wins applause, a courtesy usually reserved for movie stars on stage… Staged TV comedies sometimes simply stitch together telly scripts, but Elton commendably creates a largely new piece.”
Mark Lawson
The Guardian

“Ben Elton has restored himself to favour in theatreland with this joyously silly spin-off to his much-loved BBC Shakespeare sitcom, aided and abetted by a West End debut from David Mitchell as the Bard.”
Dominic Cavendish
The Telegraph

“Ben Elton still turns a West End audience into noisily contented groundlings. One of the many pleasures of this high-spirited version of his Shakespearean BBC sitcom is that the spectators and the actors are on such intimate terms. A huge cheer went up when David Mitchell, sporting that by-now familiar wig, made his first entrance.”
Clive Davis
The Times

Upstart Crow

“It’s certainly intended to be irreverent, gleefully and knowingly skewing modern theatrical practice as well as its classical origins. This being Ben Elton, who began his career as a stand-up, there are some good gags, particularly at the expense of modern theatrical preoccupations.”
Mark Shenton
London Theatre

“Fans of Ben Elton’s Shakespearean sitcom won’t be disappointed or wildly excited by this stage adaptation. It’s just as clever and coarse, irreverent and worshipful as the TV version. Panto with pentameters, only longer and in an actual theatre this time. A troupe led by David Mitchell’s vain, perpetually exasperated bard hit us over the head with gag after gag, some deeply rooted in knowledge of his life and work, others mere gormless wordplay about “puffling pants”.”
Nick Curtis
The Evening Standard

“A play about our most famous playwright? It’s a no-brainer. Fans of the sitcom will be delighted at what amounts to getting to binge-watch an entire new series.”
Tim Bano
The Stage

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