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3 West End productions to get you in the party spirit


3 West End productions to get you in the party spirit

Don’t let a lack of the summer sun stop you from heading out to the West End. With a variety of high-energy shows across the West End, as well as world-leading dance companies returning to London’s theatre scene, book your tickets now and get ready to be a part of a huge party in Theatreland!

The West End’s biggest party pieces

Magic Mike Live


Bringing the party atmosphere to the newly-renovated theatre at the Hippodrome Casino, get up close to the raunchy action at Magic Mike Live. Based on the movies starring Channing Tatum, step into the sexiest nightclub, as fiery dance routines and performances set the stage alight. Filled with dancing and acrobatics, get in touch with your sultry side at Magic Mike Live, as sensuality and showmanship become one.

Mamma Mia The Party

Spend a summer’s evening in paradise at Mamma Mia! The Party. Opening its doors at the O2 Arena in 2019, head to the specially designed Greek island tavern, where you’ll dance, jive and definitely have the time of your life. When the experience comes to the end, you’ll wish you could stay on the island forever.

Thriller Live

Thriller Musicals

Celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2019, Thriller Live brings the best of Michael Jackson to the Lyric Theatre. Whether your moonwalking leaves a lot to be desired or your leaning ability seemingly defies gravity, listen to the greatest hits by the King of Pop from the Jackson 5 to his final tracks. Why not listen to some of the tracks featuring in Thriller Live with us?

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