Why mid-week shows and West End matinees are a seriously good deal

By | Posted on 17-Aug-2018

Why mid-week shows and West End matinees are a seriously good deal

Feel like you’ve been searching forever for cheap theatre tickets in London? Then you’ve been searching in the wrong places. Stop selecting Friday and Saturday evening shows, it’s the West End matinees that are jam-packed with cheap and discounted tickets. You’d be mad to miss out on all the excitement and ambition of the West End when there are so many affordable tickets available to you.

There’s no better after work treat than a theatre performance. Grab a bite to eat with your friends, family, or co-workers and take a trip to one of the many exciting plays, musicals, concerts, or circus events London has to offer. Bond without breaking the bank.

Take a look at our collection of West End shows.

Whether you’ve got the children home for the school holidays, a relaxing day off work lined up or a desire to free up your evenings, seeing West End matinees are also a fantastic option.

If you don’t work midweek, are on school or university holidays, or are retired, then midweek West End matinees are a brilliant choice for you. Even midweek workers may consider taking a day off when they see the offers available to them.

Enjoy browsing our huge selection of matinee shows at your leisure. From thrillers to romances, there’s a show for everyone – take your pick. Our guide tells you when every matinee is happening. So go on and experience the very best theatre London has to offer and be home before the sun goes down.