Why you need to see The Illusionists at the Shaftesbury Theatre

By | Posted on 02-Jul-2019

Why you need to see The Illusionists at the Shaftesbury Theatre

The Illusionists is now closed at the Shaftesbury Theatre. If you’re looking for more West End magic, check out these shows!

Mind-bending, back-breaking magic returns to the West End this summer as The Illusionists show off their unbelievable tricks. Back in London for a strictly limited season, join seven magicians as they present their world class wizardry in a show of epic proportions, where seeing really is believing.

See The Illusionists in London

The show has been performed on Broadway

The Illusionists

The Illusionists is a touring production that sees mind-readers, escapologists, stunt artists and magicians from around the globe take to the biggest world stages. The magical supergroup made their stage debut in 2012, and have since gone on to perform numerous engagements on Broadway, as well as productions all around Europe, the Middle East and Australasia. Set to bring their trademark comedic magic spectacular to London this summer, audiences can look forward to witnessing seemingly impossible tricks with an extra-special flair, as the Golden Age of magic sparkles at the Shaftesbury Theatre. Take a look at other productions which have transferred from Broadway to the West End here.

The Illusionists features world-class magicians

The Illusionists

This summer’s West End production of The Illusionists will feature a cast of seven world-leading magicians, with their individual magic tricks coming together to create a spellbinding tour-de-force on stage.

Chris Cox: Nicknamed The Mentalist, Cox is a mind-reading magician, who will be able to tell you what you’re thinking before you even know what’s going on in your brain!

Paul Debak: Nicknamed The Trickster, Debak is an award-winning performer with plenty of tricks up his sleeves to wow audiences of all ages.

Enzo: Nicknamed The Unforgettable, Enzo’s electrifying illusions have quizzed audiences around the world, with his unbelievable tricks pushing the boundaries of human capability.

Jonathan Goodwin: Nicknamed The Daredevil, Goodwin is an escapologist whose daredevil stunts have seen him become a Britain’s Got Talent finalist in 2019.

James More: Nicknamed The Showman, More is considered to be the master of stage illusion, performing at iconic global venues, as well as becoming the first British magician to star in a Broadway show.

Adam Trent: Nicknamed The Futurist, Trent will bring his creative, technological magic as seen on television to the West End stage.

Yu Ho-Jin: Nicknamed The Manipulator, Ho-Jin’s sleight of hand knows no boundaries, with his nimble dexterity stunning all who see his magic.

There are performances of The Illusionists at all times of the day

With performances all summer long, there’s no way you can miss The Illusionists take over the West End. During the season, the magicians will perform up to 12 times a week, with weekend performances starting as early as 11:00am. With morning, afternoon and evening performances from 6th July to 1st September, there’s a time of day suitable to any audience member. Take a look at the performance schedule here and make sure you’ve got a magical spring in your step at The Illusionists.

The magic reaches all corners of the auditorium

The Illusionists

Although the Shaftesbury Theatre has a capacity of 1,400 seats, audiences can remain close to the action wherever they are in the auditorium. With up-close sleight of hand tricks projected onto screens to be viewed by all audience members, as well as huge stunts taking place across the stage, you won’t miss a moment of this unbelievable West End show.

Magic is for everyone

Whatever age you are, become a kid again at this magic package show, neatly tying all genres of performing into one epic show. As reality and the impossible seemingly blur together, unravel the mysteries behind world-class tricks in a show where you’ll have to see in order to believe what happens. Whether it’s larger-than-life stunts filled with pizazz or the art of modern street magic you love, there’s something to please everyone at The Illusionists.