Welcome to Encore Tickets

It’s a wardrobe change for TheatrePeople.com, DiscountTheatre.com and UKTickets. We have changed our name and had a makeover to offer you a better experience when buying tickets.

As well as a new website that is easier to use on your phone, tablet or desktop, we have added an interactive seat plan so you can pick out the exact seats you want for your next theatre visit.  

We have also added more choices for your next day or evening out. Alongside the widest range of seats for theatre in London, you can also discover exhibitions, London landmarks, family-friendly attractions and more.  

What does this mean for me?

The emails you receive from us have changed to Encore Tickets.

What about my existing booking?

All your existing bookings with TheatrePeople.com, DiscountTheatre.com and UKTickets are still valid and will continue as normal. If you asked for tickets to be delivered they will arrive in the post and if you selected to collect from box office, you will be able to pick them up from the theatre on the day of performance.

What if I have a problem with my booking?

You can get in touch with our team on our new email help@encoretickets.co.uk. You can also contact us by phone on our new number 020 7400 1255.

Will the service change?

You will still continue to get the widest selection of seats, new shows and exclusive discounts and deals from us on theatre – it’s just that our name has changed and we have improved our site.  In addition, you can access a wide range of other live experiences in London including exhibitions, landmarks, attractions and more. Your booking will still be looked after by our team of live entertainment fans, based in London.

How will Encore Tickets be different?

Encore Tickets is presented to you by the same team as TheatrePeople.com, DiscountTheatre.com and UKTickets. But Encore Tickets has a much easier to use website, that is fast and simple on your phone, tablet or desktop. You can pick your tickets from an interactive seat plan so you know exactly where you will sit. It also offers you the widest range of theatre tickets and a big choice of other experiences including exhibitions, London landmarks and attractions. Plus, as we created Encore Tickets to celebrate the experience of live entertainment, you can expect lots of great give-aways, competitions and exclusives from us.

Will TheatrePeople, DiscountTheatre and UKTickets still exist?

No. TheatrePeople.com, DiscountTheatre.com and UKTickets have transformed into Encore Tickets permanently. But it will be looked after by the same team of theatre and live entertainment fans, based in London.

Will there be any change to the way I buy tickets?

A little. Encore Tickets has an interactive seating plan, making it easier to buy tickets online. We’ve also made it much easier and faster to buy tickets on your mobile.

Will I need to reregister for your newsletter?

No – we’ve made this change easy for you. You will continue to receive our newsletter under the new name of Encore Tickets.  As we are still the same company your privacy policy and terms and conditions remain the same.

Are your contact details the same?

There are new contact details for Encore Tickets. Our email will be help@encoretickets.co.uk and our phone will be 020 7400 1255.