Looking for Hamilton? Try these

Hamilton may be one of the hottest tickets in town, but there are lots of great West End shows currently on that are definitely worth going to see!

We have a range of musicals that are guaranteed to leave a lasting memory. There’s a Hamilton alternative for everyone at Encore Tickets. 

If you’re constantly listening to Hamilton’s smash-hit soundtrack, you’ll want to buy tickets for Waitress. With music and lyrics by Grammy Award-winning artist Sara Bareilles, the music will take you on an emotional rollercoaster. Enjoy the history in Hamilton? Packed with sassy smash-hits, Six tells the stories of Henry VIII’s six wives like you’ve never heard them before. Returning to the National Theatre, Follies is a dancing extravaganza that’s adorned with sequins and sparkles that’s sure to make its mark on London theatre once again.

Looking for a heartfelt story like Hamilton? Travel north of the border to Come From Away, a musical based on the true story of those who were diverted to Gander airport in Newfoundland immediately after 9/11. It’s a feel good story that’s sure to tug at your heartstrings. Or, how about the revival of Company with Rosalie Craig in the lead role of Bobbie, With permission by Stephen Sondheim to switch the genders of characters, it's a modern interpretation of a beloved musical. 

If you enjoy the historical retelling in Hamilton, then there’s lots of musicals set in different time periods. Be whisked away to the French Revolution in Les Misérables, 1960’s America in Caroline, Or Change or enjoy a dramatisation of a Greek myth in Hadestown.