Is anyone ready to do the Time Warp again?

The Rocky Horror Show has now closed at the Playhouse Theatre. See shows at the Playhouse Theatre here.

Yes, folks! Just when you thought it was safe to head out into the sweet, family-friendly world of London's West End, Frank N. Furter, Riff Raff, Magenta, Columbia, and the rest of the motley crew are rocking up once more for some adult chaos, curves and cross-dressing! And to top it off, Rocky Horror Show creator Richard O'Brien will also be on board as The Narrator! Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch me... I think I'm dreaming!

This special production will only be gracing the West End's Playhouse Theatre from 11th to 19th September for a total of 11 performances, so Dammit, Janet! Get your tickets quick before they're all gone!

Rocky will then head out on a UK Tour taking with it a promising cast which includes "X Factor" favourite Diana Vickers as Janet, "Emmerdale" alum Ben Freeman as Brad, and "S Club 7" star Paul Cattermole as Eddie.

No doubt loyal (and fabulous) Rocky Horror aficionados will be barking out those infamous lines and heckling Mr. O'Brien every chance they get, and it goes without saying that there will be the "odd" sighting of men wearing stockings, high heels and feather bowers. Seriously, if you're new to this strange and seducing world of Rocky Horror, you will definitely be in for a unique theatrical treat of an evening not soon to be forgotten!

I recall fondly one Halloween evening back when I used to live in Berlin and I was fortunate enough to get a ticket to a Berlin premiere of The Rocky Horror Show and there was a guest appearance by Mr. O'Brien on that evening. He emerged onto the stage wearing a long, Nosferatu-esque, green velvet gown and I thought to myself how great it must have been to actually see him as part of the show. He famously portrayed the character of Riff Raff in the original West End production in 1973, as well as the Broadway premiere and film adaptation in 1975, and now, over 40 years later, London audiences will get to see him once more in all his gory... Sorry, glory!