Disney's The Lion King: A Day in the Life...

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Good morning and welcome to my ‘day in the life’. My name is Jonathan Andrew Hume and I play the role of Simba in THE LION KING at the Lyceum Theatre. First to grab some breakfast. A small one today. Cereal and a fresh juice. I make my own using fresh fruit and veg to help provide me with energy and vitamins to begin my day.

After my quick tube journey, I reach work - Stage Door of The Lyceum Theatre. Today we have a rehearsal. We’re working on the end scenes of the show. Even though the show is up and running, rehearsals keep the show fresh.

After rehearsals and lunch, it’s time to prep for the show. On stage a bunch of us stretch and warm up. Here is Darcel Osei who plays the role of the Cheetah.

Gotta roll out those tight muscles! My rolling partner, Makoto Iso.

I’m not on until the end of Act One, so as the show starts I have a hot shower to steam my voice and brush my teeth so my breath is fresh for Nala!

Make-up time! Gabby Mason is fantastic make-up artist, and we’ve become great friends. We’re always laughing and joking as she helps me transform into the King of the Pridelands.

Side-stage, my amazing dresser, Agy Buscemi, gets me into my costume. Just before I go onto stage I put on my mask. Every night I am always very excited to get on stage, there’s a real buzz as soon as there is an audience in the theatre.

Sometimes we get visits from celebrities. Tonight we had England cricketing hero Stuart Broad watching the show!