History of Gielgud Theatre

The Gielgud has undergone numerous changes of identity during its long history. The theatre was originally called the Hicks Theatre when it was built in 1906 after actor, manager and playwright Seymour Hicks. After a change in management in 1909 it was renamed the Globe Theatre.

Under this name, it had a handful of long-running hits, including Call It A DayThere's a Girl in My Soup and Daisy Pulls It Off

Extensive refurbishments caused the theatre to close in 1987, with extensive work carried out on the gold leaf in the theatre‚Äôs auditorium. In 1994, the theatre was renamed the Gielgud Theatre in honour of actor Sir John Gielgud. 

Where is Gielgud Theatre

35-37 Shaftesbury Avenue London W1D 6AR