What's on at the Roundhouse

History of Roundhouse

The Roundhouse is a versatile venue that’s hosted everything from concerts to award shows to art installations to musicals. Its all-encompassing circular auditorium is modifiable for every performance put on there.

Although the current Roundhouse opened in 2006, the site dates as far back as 1846, when a ‘roundhouse’ – a shed for repairing and rotating trains – was set up. But after about a decade, the newest trains became too big for the Roundhouse to hold and it was converted into a gin distillery until the 1930s. It took another 30 years for the space to become an arts venue.

The trade union movement ‘Article 42’, founded ‘Centre 42’ at the Roundhouse in 1964 to provide arts for everyone. By 1983, Centre 42 had run out of money and was forced to close; it was only in 1996 that the building was privately bought up, established as a charity and collected money until 2004, when it was closed for a massive £30 million overhaul.

In 2006, the shiny new Roundhouse opened with the Broadway show Fuerzabruta, equipped with new light and sound technology.

Where is Roundhouse

Chalk Farm Road London NW1 8EH